Birthday and Football | Mays High School | Atlanta Lifestyle Photographer

james3rdbirthday-001I have been fortunate to photography this little guy three times, on each of his three birthdays.  His parents actually travels to Atlanta every year for his birthday portraits on October 2nd every year.  It is well worth it, because little James does not disappoint.  He is very high energy and is moving throughout the entire shoot.  This year’s theme was football and we did the shoot at the beautiful Benjamin E. Mays High School football field. Here are a couple of my favorites.

james3rdbirthday-003 james3rdbirthday-004 james3rdbirthday-005 james3rdbirthday-006

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Kristina & Jake Engagement | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

kristinajakeengage-015Kristina & Jake came together on a beautiful fall afternoon for their engagement session.  The canvas that was chosen for the session was amazing, but the magic between this lovely couple, was simple priceless.  Here are a few of my favorite moments.

kristinajakeengage-005 kristinajakeengage-001 kristinajakeengage-002 kristinajakeengage-003 kristinajakeengage-004 kristinajakeengage-006 kristinajakeengage-007 kristinajakeengage-008 kristinajakeengage-009 kristinajakeengage-010 kristinajakeengage-011 kristinajakeengage-012 kristinajakeengage-013 kristinajakeengage-014

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  1. Aunt Bert and Uncle Irby

    We love the pictures! Lovely and loving. Thank you for sharing them with us!

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Five Years Later | Rhonda & Lamar

KreativTouchBlogRhonda&Lamar-016It was almost five years ago when Rhonda and Lamar took their vows as husband and wife.  In celebration of their upcoming 5th anniversary this October, we were honored to recently work with them again.  Here are a few of our favorite images from their session with their daughter Emilee at Druid Hills Baptist Church and Millennium Gate, Atlantic Station.

KreativTouchBlogRhonda&Lamar-001 KreativTouchBlogRhonda&Lamar-002 KreativTouchBlogRhonda&Lamar-003 KreativTouchBlogRhonda&Lamar-004 KreativTouchBlogRhonda&Lamar-006 KreativTouchBlogRhonda&Lamar-007 KreativTouchBlogRhonda&Lamar-008 KreativTouchBlogRhonda&Lamar-009 KreativTouchBlogRhonda&Lamar-010 KreativTouchBlogRhonda&Lamar-011 KreativTouchBlogRhonda&Lamar-012 KreativTouchBlogRhonda&Lamar-013 KreativTouchBlogRhonda&Lamar-005

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  1. Bridgette N.

    These are beautiful!!!

  2. Melissa Beasley

    Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful!

  3. Mom and Dad Hylton

    These photos are BEAUTIFUL.

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Profile Stock Imagery | Graduate Education In Biomedical Sciences

Today I had the distinct pleasure to work with the Graduate Education in Biomedical Sciences PH.D and M.S. students at Morehouse School of Medicine on Profile Stock Images.  These are just a couple of highlights from our full work day.  GEBSMSM-001  GEBSMSM-004 GEBSMSM-005  GEBSMSM-009 GEBSMSM-010 GEBSMSM-011 GEBSMSM-012 GEBSMSM-008ry project.

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