Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


From the staff and partners at KreativTouch Group, Inc., we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Thanks for all your support in 2015 and we look forward to creating many more priceless memories in 2016.  Enjoy your holidays and be safe.

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Mary & Jaun Wedding | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

BerkeleyHills-050Beautiful Couple, Perfect Canvas, and Amazing Wedding…Mary & Juan were married in a sacred ceremony at St. Lawrence Catholic Church in Lawrenceville Georgia.  The reception followed at Berkeley Hills Country Club in Duluth Georgia where they celebrated with their closest family and friends.  These are just a couple of our favorite images from the event.

BerkeleyHills-002 BerkeleyHills-003 BerkeleyHills-004 BerkeleyHills-005 BerkeleyHills-006 BerkeleyHills-007 BerkeleyHills-008 BerkeleyHills-009 BerkeleyHills-010 BerkeleyHills-012 BerkeleyHills-013 BerkeleyHills-014 BerkeleyHills-015 BerkeleyHills-016 BerkeleyHills-017 BerkeleyHills-018 BerkeleyHills-020 BerkeleyHills-019 BerkeleyHills-021 BerkeleyHills-022 BerkeleyHills-023 BerkeleyHills-024 BerkeleyHills-025 BerkeleyHills-026 BerkeleyHills-027 BerkeleyHills-028 BerkeleyHills-029 BerkeleyHills-030 BerkeleyHills-031 BerkeleyHills-032 BerkeleyHills-033 BerkeleyHills-034 BerkeleyHills-035 BerkeleyHills-036 BerkeleyHills-037 BerkeleyHills-039 BerkeleyHills-040 BerkeleyHills-041 BerkeleyHills-042 BerkeleyHills-043 BerkeleyHills-044 BerkeleyHills-045 BerkeleyHills-046 BerkeleyHills-038 BerkeleyHills-047 BerkeleyHills-048 BerkeleyHills-049 BerkeleyHills-051 BerkeleyHills-052 BerkeleyHills-053 BerkeleyHills-054 BerkeleyHills-055 BerkeleyHills-056 BerkeleyHills-057 BerkeleyHills-058 BerkeleyHills-059 BerkeleyHills-060 BerkeleyHills-061

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Maternity Bliss | Atlanta Lifestyle Photographer

MaternityBliss-001Priceless…Perfect…Beautiful…Amazing…Stunning…Blessing…Thankful…I could go on and on as to how I feel about moments like these.  Moments when I’m honored to capture images of expectancy and motherhood.  These are just a few of the images captured for Daynisha and Nick a few days ago.

MaternityBliss-002 MaternityBliss-003 MaternityBliss-004 MaternityBliss-005 MaternityBliss-006

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Montego Bay, Jamaica Wedding | Ekua & Jason | Iberostar Grand Resorts


Ekua & Jason were married in a beautiful beach side wedding at the Iberostar Grand Resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica.  The weekend of celebration commenced with a meet-n-greet, then an all white rehearsal dinner affair on the beach where the guests gathered to watch a fire dancer spectacular show and to release lanterns over the ocean.  At the end of the ceremony, they jumped the broom and plunged into the Atlantic Ocean for a Trash-The-Dress & Suit experience.  Here are a few of our favorites from this amazing celebration.

IberostarGrandaJamaica-001 IberostarGrandaJamaica-003 IberostarGrandaJamaica-005 IberostarGrandaJamaica-006 IberostarGrandaJamaica-007 IberostarGrandaJamaica-008 IberostarGrandaJamaica-009 IberostarGrandaJamaica-010 IberostarGrandaJamaica-011 IberostarGrandaJamaica-012 IberostarGrandaJamaica-013 IberostarGrandaJamaica-015 IberostarGrandaJamaica-016 IberostarGrandaJamaica-017 IberostarGrandaJamaica-018 IberostarGrandaJamaica-019 IberostarGrandaJamaica-020 IberostarGrandaJamaica-021 IberostarGrandaJamaica-022 IberostarGrandaJamaica-023 IberostarGrandaJamaica-027 IberostarGrandaJamaica-026 IberostarGrandaJamaica-028 IberostarGrandaJamaica-029 IberostarGrandaJamaica-030 IberostarGrandaJamaica-031 IberostarGrandaJamaica-032 IberostarGrandaJamaica-033 IberostarGrandaJamaica-034 IberostarGrandaJamaica-035 IberostarGrandaJamaica-036 IberostarGrandaJamaica-037 IberostarGrandaJamaica-038 IberostarGrandaJamaica-039 IberostarGrandaJamaica-040 IberostarGrandaJamaica-041 IberostarGrandaJamaica-042 IberostarGrandaJamaica-043 IberostarGrandaJamaica-044 IberostarGrandaJamaica-045 IberostarGrandaJamaica-046 IberostarGrandaJamaica-047 IberostarGrandaJamaica-048 IberostarGrandaJamaica-049 IberostarGrandaJamaica-050 IberostarGrandaJamaica-051 IberostarGrandaJamaica-052 IberostarGrandaJamaica-053 IberostarGrandaJamaica-054 IberostarGrandaJamaica-055 IberostarGrandaJamaica-056 IberostarGrandaJamaica-059 IberostarGrandaJamaica-057 IberostarGrandaJamaica-058 IberostarGrandaJamaica-060 IberostarGrandaJamaica-063 IberostarGrandaJamaica-064 IberostarGrandaJamaica-065 IberostarGrandaJamaica-024 IberostarGrandaJamaica-025 IberostarGrandaJamaica-066 IberostarGrandaJamaica-067 IberostarGrandaJamaica-068 IberostarGrandaJamaica-069 IberostarGrandaJamaica-070 IberostarGrandaJamaica-071 IberostarGrandaJamaica-072 IberostarGrandaJamaica-073 IberostarGrandaJamaica-074 IberostarGrandaJamaica-075 IberostarGrandaJamaica-076 IberostarGrandaJamaica-077 IberostarGrandaJamaica-078 IberostarGrandaJamaica-079 IberostarGrandaJamaica-062

3 Responses to “Montego Bay, Jamaica Wedding | Ekua & Jason | Iberostar Grand Resorts”

  1. Gwen Barber

    Such beautiful pics I wish I could’ve been there to share in your joy. I wanna wish you guys happiness forever and ever God Bless Jason & Joy


    love IS GREAT

  3. Kimberly Ashby

    Sherri! Your daughter grew up to be such a beautiful young woman. I am so happy for her and her hubby! God bless!!!!

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