“Baseball Fever” | James Second Birthday


This little guy was amazing.  He celebrated his second birthday with an all access baseball style shoot of his own.  It was just a year ago when we captured his one year old “Cake Smash”.  He knows how to celebrate.  These are just a few of our favorites.

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Kourtney & Tony Engagement | Atlanta Georgia

VintageRomance-012Congratulations to Kourtney and Tony on their engagement.  They are planning their wedding for April of 2016.   These are just a few of our favorite images from their engagement portrait session.

VintageRomance-001 VintageRomance-002 VintageRomance-004 VintageRomance-003 VintageRomance-005 VintageRomance-006 VintageRomance-007 VintageRomance-008 VintageRomance-009 VintageRomance-010 VintageRomance-011  VintageRomance-013 VintageRomance-014  VintageRomance-015 VintageRomance-016 VintageRomance-017 VintageRomance-018 VintageRomance-019 VintageRomance-020 VintageRomance-021 VintageRomance-022 VintageRomance-023 VintageRomance-024 VintageRomance-026 VintageRomance-027 VintageRomance-028 VintageRomance-030 VintageRomance-029  VintageRomance-033 VintageRomance-032 VintageRomance-034 VintageRomance-035 VintageRomance-036

2 Responses to “Kourtney & Tony Engagement | Atlanta Georgia”

  1. Kathy Bell

    Such fabulous pictures!!! Can’t wait to see the capturing of the wedding!!
    Julius, you NEVER disappoint! Great job!!!

  2. LaToya S.

    I have always LOVED your photography, Julius, and these photos are an example of why! Great session!!! Plus, they just happen to be of my best friend & her fiancé! :-) I CAN’T WAIT to be a part of this great wedding for this special union! I love you guys!!!

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Mattie & Evelyn Wedding | Newnan Centre

NewnanCentreWedding-001Congratulations Mattie and Evelyn.  You guys ROCK!!  Your wedding was absolutely stunning and your passion and love for one another is amazing.  The Newnan Centre was the perfect canvas for your beautiful wedding and Brittany Simms with Eternity Events by B-Simms, brought your vision to life perfectly.  DJ Spontaneous rocked the reception and your guests had to pull themselves off the dance floor when it was all over.  Thanks for allowing us to be apart of such a momentous moment in your lives and we hope that you enjoy the memories we captured for you to cherish for a lifetime.  Here are a few of our favorites.

NewnanCentreWedding-002 NewnanCentreWedding-003 NewnanCentreWedding-004 NewnanCentreWedding-006 NewnanCentreWedding-007 NewnanCentreWedding-008 NewnanCentreWedding-036 NewnanCentreWedding-037 NewnanCentreWedding-009 NewnanCentreWedding-010 NewnanCentreWedding-011 NewnanCentreWedding-012 NewnanCentreWedding-005 NewnanCentreWedding-013 NewnanCentreWedding-014 NewnanCentreWedding-015 NewnanCentreWedding-016 NewnanCentreWedding-017 NewnanCentreWedding-018 NewnanCentreWedding-019 NewnanCentreWedding-020 NewnanCentreWedding-021 NewnanCentreWedding-022 NewnanCentreWedding-023 NewnanCentreWedding-024 NewnanCentreWedding-025 NewnanCentreWedding-026 NewnanCentreWedding-027 NewnanCentreWedding-028 NewnanCentreWedding-029 NewnanCentreWedding-030 NewnanCentreWedding-031 NewnanCentreWedding-032 NewnanCentreWedding-033 NewnanCentreWedding-034 NewnanCentreWedding-035 NewnanCentreWedding-038 NewnanCentreWedding-039 NewnanCentreWedding-040 NewnanCentreWedding-041 NewnanCentreWedding-042 NewnanCentreWedding-043 NewnanCentreWedding-044 NewnanCentreWedding-045 NewnanCentreWedding-046 NewnanCentreWedding-047 NewnanCentreWedding-048 NewnanCentreWedding-049 NewnanCentreWedding-050 NewnanCentreWedding-051

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Paris On Ponce Wedding | Sherri & Robert

ParisonPonceWedding-051Sherri & Robert, high school sweet hearts, were married in a beautiful ceremony at Paris on Ponce on July 11th with their closest friends and family.  Here are a few of the images from the day.

ParisonPonceWedding-001 ParisonPonceWedding-002 ParisonPonceWedding-003 ParisonPonceWedding-004 ParisonPonceWedding-005 ParisonPonceWedding-006 ParisonPonceWedding-007 ParisonPonceWedding-024 ParisonPonceWedding-025 ParisonPonceWedding-008 ParisonPonceWedding-009 ParisonPonceWedding-010 ParisonPonceWedding-026 ParisonPonceWedding-015 ParisonPonceWedding-016 ParisonPonceWedding-017 ParisonPonceWedding-018 ParisonPonceWedding-019 ParisonPonceWedding-011 ParisonPonceWedding-012 ParisonPonceWedding-013 ParisonPonceWedding-014 ParisonPonceWedding-020 ParisonPonceWedding-021 ParisonPonceWedding-022 ParisonPonceWedding-023 ParisonPonceWedding-027 ParisonPonceWedding-028 ParisonPonceWedding-029 ParisonPonceWedding-030 ParisonPonceWedding-031 ParisonPonceWedding-032 ParisonPonceWedding-033 ParisonPonceWedding-034 ParisonPonceWedding-035 ParisonPonceWedding-036 ParisonPonceWedding-037 ParisonPonceWedding-038 ParisonPonceWedding-039 ParisonPonceWedding-040 ParisonPonceWedding-041 ParisonPonceWedding-042 ParisonPonceWedding-043 ParisonPonceWedding-044 ParisonPonceWedding-045 ParisonPonceWedding-046 ParisonPonceWedding-047 ParisonPonceWedding-048 ParisonPonceWedding-049 ParisonPonceWedding-050 ParisonPonceWedding-052 ParisonPonceWedding-053 ParisonPonceWedding-054 ParisonPonceWedding-055 ParisonPonceWedding-056 ParisonPonceWedding-057 ParisonPonceWedding-058 ParisonPonceWedding-059 ParisonPonceWedding-060 ParisonPonceWedding-061

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