Maternity in the Park | LaWanda & Dominiq

KreativTouchBlogLawanda&Dom-015LaWanda & Dominiq are expecting their first born.  Little Baby Avery Dominiq was celebrated this weekend with an expectancy portrait session in a local park in Atlanta GA.  Here are a couple of our favs from the session.

KreativTouchBlogLawanda&Dom-001 KreativTouchBlogLawanda&Dom-002 KreativTouchBlogLawanda&Dom-003 KreativTouchBlogLawanda&Dom-004 KreativTouchBlogLawanda&Dom-005 KreativTouchBlogLawanda&Dom-006 KreativTouchBlogLawanda&Dom-008 KreativTouchBlogLawanda&Dom-009 KreativTouchBlogLawanda&Dom-010 KreativTouchBlogLawanda&Dom-011 KreativTouchBlogLawanda&Dom-012 KreativTouchBlogLawanda&Dom-013 KreativTouchBlogLawanda&Dom-014 KreativTouchBlogLawanda&Dom-015 KreativTouchBlogLawanda&Dom-016 KreativTouchBlogLawanda&Dom-017 KreativTouchBlogLawanda&Dom-018 KreativTouchBlogLawanda&Dom-019 KreativTouchBlogLawanda&Dom-020

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Leaders Achieving The Vision of Health Equity Forum | Transdisciplinary Collaborative Center

Patrick J. Kennedy

Patrick J. Kennedy, Guest Speaker

Health Equity Forum

Printed Programs

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(L-R) Patrick J. Kennedy, Elizabeth Ofili, Camara Jones, David Satcher

(L-R) Patrick J. Kennedy, Dr. Elizabeth Ofili, Dr. Camara Jones, Dr. David Satcher

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Delta Sigma Theta Founders Day 2016 | Morehouse School of Medicine

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