Princess Paris First Birthday | Monroe Event Photographer | Atlanta Event Photographer

KreativTouchBlogTemplate2014Paris-002Paris celebrated her first birthday with Blitz, Bling, Stilts, Fire, Paints, and Glam. Yes Literally!  The Imperial Opa Circus had nonstop entertainment from stilts walking, aerial circus acts, magician, fire dancing, and more.  Outrageous Faces left no face untouched with some amazing facial art.  DJ Glass Dee had the guest jamming all day long to the latest beats and a bit of ole skool.  The decor was second to none and fit for little Princess Paris with bling, bling and more bling.  Lavishbylei left nothing to the imagination with the decor.  With all that entertainment and dancing, the guests worked up a huge appetite.  Beyond Details Catering was there to make sure that the guests were satisfied beyond belief.  Happy Birthday Princess Paris.  We wish you many more to come.   KreativTouchBlogTemplate2014Paris-027 KreativTouchBlogTemplate2014Paris-026 KreativTouchBlogTemplate2014Paris-025 KreativTouchBlogTemplate2014Paris-024 KreativTouchBlogTemplate2014Paris-023 KreativTouchBlogTemplate2014Paris-022 KreativTouchBlogTemplate2014Paris-021 KreativTouchBlogTemplate2014Paris-020 KreativTouchBlogTemplate2014Paris-019  KreativTouchBlogTemplate2014Paris-017 KreativTouchBlogTemplate2014Paris-016 KreativTouchBlogTemplate2014Paris-015 KreativTouchBlogTemplate2014Paris-014 KreativTouchBlogTemplate2014Paris-013 KreativTouchBlogTemplate2014Paris-012 KreativTouchBlogTemplate2014Paris-011 KreativTouchBlogTemplate2014Paris-010 KreativTouchBlogTemplate2014Paris-009 KreativTouchBlogTemplate2014Paris-008 KreativTouchBlogTemplate2014Paris-007 KreativTouchBlogTemplate2014Paris-006 KreativTouchBlogTemplate2014Paris-005 KreativTouchBlogTemplate2014Paris-004 KreativTouchBlogTemplate2014Paris-003 KreativTouchBlogTemplate2014Paris-001

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