Monica and Jonathan Wedding | Wahoo Grill, Decatur Georgia | Atlanta Wedding Photographer


About Monica

Classy, edgy, spirit-filled and full of fun are just some of the ways Monica tries to live her life.  Born on January 23rd, she is  pretty true to her Aquarian nature of adventure and living life her way.  She has traveled the world, followed her call, and now is following her heart!  Her parents, Harry and Alice Wedlock, have given her everything a girl could ever need and most of what she could ever want, but most of all they instilled in her a sense of unconditional love, commitment and hard work.  Now, with that same enthusiasm and determination with which she live life, she enter a new chapter with the one who will co-author her happy ending!

About Jonathan

Born on July 29th, in White Plains, Georgia and raised in Atlanta since the age of 2, Jonathan is the perfect mix of rustic and urban.  He is an outdoor entrepreneur who enjoys the essence of God’s creation.  He tends the land with the tenderness of his grandfather, RC Kilpatrick, and cares for the community in the spirit of his beloved grandmother, Edna.  Jonathan is fast-paced, hardworking and full of charm like his mom, Olga Laura Little.  And most often displays the most heartfelt southern chivalry which clearly is the influence of his dad, Grady Little.  He knows what he wants and doesn’t stop until he gets it.  His heart is tender and his eyes are gentle, and he’s a fierce provider for those he loves.  Most of all, Jonathan’s faith is unwavering as he allows God to shape the direction of his life…and by God’s grace Monica and Jonathan have been set on the same path.

On March 14th, they were married in a beautiful ceremony with close friends and family at the Wahoo Grill in Decatur Georgia.  They had a dazzling wedding cake custom designed by Cakes By Lameeka.  Here is a sneak preview of the images we captured.

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4 Responses to “Monica and Jonathan Wedding | Wahoo Grill, Decatur Georgia | Atlanta Wedding Photographer”

  1. Euline Luke

    May God continue to bless “you” -2 richly

  2. Rose & Uncle Houston

    Monica and Jonathan, our plan was to be with you both on your special day, but circumstances beyond our control did not allow this to happen. However we are fine with that because it was God’s will and God’s will be done.

    Your uncle is so proud of you. Oh how beautiful this day was!

    May God continue to bless both of you and pray that others will follow your footprints to reach their aspirations and goals in life.

  3. Melanie

    Beautiful. What a lovely, intimate and clearly joyous occasion. Much happiness to you, Monica and Jonathan, as you journey together in the coming years.

  4. Janet Mahdi

    Such a beautiful venue for a very beautiful couple. Monica, you can’t imagine how happy I am for you. Love you!! Have a happy life.

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