Milan’s 7th Birthday Hula Hoop Party | Atlanta Event Photographer

Milan celebrated her 7th Birthday on July 26th with her close friends and family in a a backyard Hoopla.  It was a hula hoop party with all the trimmings and with DJ Willy Wow in the house, there was never a dull moment.  The girls cruised the town in a sweet and sassy limo that was a perfect compliment for Princess Milan and her VIP guests.  Here is a fusion video and a few of our favorite images from the day.

ChildBirthdayParty_001 ChildBirthdayParty_002 ChildBirthdayParty_003 ChildBirthdayParty_004 ChildBirthdayParty_005 ChildBirthdayParty_006 ChildBirthdayParty_007 ChildBirthdayParty_008 ChildBirthdayParty_009 ChildBirthdayParty_010  ChildBirthdayParty_012 ChildBirthdayParty_013 ChildBirthdayParty_014 ChildBirthdayParty_015 ChildBirthdayParty_016ChildBirthdayParty_017 ChildBirthdayParty_018

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