Kourtney & Tony Engagement | Atlanta Georgia

VintageRomance-012Congratulations to Kourtney and Tony on their engagement.  They are planning their wedding for April of 2016.   These are just a few of our favorite images from their engagement portrait session.

VintageRomance-001 VintageRomance-002 VintageRomance-004 VintageRomance-003 VintageRomance-005 VintageRomance-006 VintageRomance-007 VintageRomance-008 VintageRomance-009 VintageRomance-010 VintageRomance-011  VintageRomance-013 VintageRomance-014  VintageRomance-015 VintageRomance-016 VintageRomance-017 VintageRomance-018 VintageRomance-019 VintageRomance-020 VintageRomance-021 VintageRomance-022 VintageRomance-023 VintageRomance-024 VintageRomance-026 VintageRomance-027 VintageRomance-028 VintageRomance-030 VintageRomance-029  VintageRomance-033 VintageRomance-032 VintageRomance-034 VintageRomance-035 VintageRomance-036

2 Responses to “Kourtney & Tony Engagement | Atlanta Georgia”

  1. Kathy Bell

    Such fabulous pictures!!! Can’t wait to see the capturing of the wedding!!
    Julius, you NEVER disappoint! Great job!!!

  2. LaToya S.

    I have always LOVED your photography, Julius, and these photos are an example of why! Great session!!! Plus, they just happen to be of my best friend & her fiancé! 🙂 I CAN’T WAIT to be a part of this great wedding for this special union! I love you guys!!!

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