Britney and Philip Engagement | Atlanta Lifestyle Photographer

Here is a slideshow of some of there intimate moments from their engagement session.

Their Story…

April 27th 2008, Philip and Britney finally met for lunch at Eats Restaurant after having many “get-to-know-you” late night phone conversations. They were introduced through a mutual friend, who shall remain nameless, due to risk of him becoming hunted down for his exquisite matchmaking abilities. After that initial lunch, Phil called this mysterious matchmaker and said “She’s the one, good looking out playa!” On the other hand, Britney was a little more “thoughtful” (in her words) about her decision but decided to go out with Phil once more, even though he was way too quiet the first time. The second date, at the Georgia Aquarium, sealed the deal and Phil really blossomed in Britney’s eyes; she began to see the ideal qualities that Phil truly possessed. Phil continued to woo Britney right through the summer with flowers, movie dates, mid-day texts and greeting cards. Britney had to be honest with herself that she was falling for this hunk but was also leaving to pursue her medical education. Phil could not let Britney get away that easily especially after “all the hard work he put in” and on September 1st, at the neighborhood park, he asked her to be his girlfriend. Shortly after, Britney moved to Columbus, Ohio and Phil made sure to visit each month. When the distance became too much to handle for the couple, Phil made a “career move” to Columbus as well. Their love grew and flourished until it reached a pinnacle on July 27th, 2011 when Phil asked Britney to be his wife. The couple plans to continue to place God first, maintain the love of their family and continue their education in order to sustain a strong and long lasting marriage.

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    Love It!! Congratulations to the two of you!